Sally Gallagher (MS 2009) Madison, WI

Michael Healy (MS 2009) is Principal Ecologist at Adaptive Restoration LLC in Madison, WI

Steven Hall (MS 2008) is a doctoral student at UC-Berkeley

Cathi Bonin (MS 2007) is a doctoral student at Virginia Tech

Nic Jelinski (MS 2007) is in the Army Reserves

Alison Varty (MS 2007) teaches at Loyola University in Chicago

Aaron Boers (PhD 2006) is an environmental consultant in Houston, TX

Christin Frieswyk (PhD 2005) was a Researcher at Cleveland Botanical Garden but moved to Michigan in fall 2008

Andrea Herr-Turoff (PhD 2005) lives in Madison, WI

Dan Larkin (PhD 2006) is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biology and Center for Urban Environmental Research and
Policy at Loyola University in Chicago

Hem Nalini Morzaria-Luna (Ph.D. 2004) researches salt marshes in the Gulf of California for the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans.

Michelle Peach (M.S. 2004) manages The Nature Conservancy's Tug Hill Reserve in upper New York state

Julia Wilcox (M.S. 2004) moved from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to France in the fall 2008

Anastasia Allen (M.S. 2004)

Erin O'Brien (M.S. 2003) is the Wetlands Policy and Conservation Specialist with the Wisconsin Wetlands Association .

Suzanne Kercher (Ph.D. 2003) lives and writes about conservation in Madison, WI

Rachel Veltman (M.S. 2002) is a staff ecologist with Natural Resources Consulting, Inc. in Wisconsin.

Roberto Lindig-Cisneros (Ph.D. 2001) is a professor of Restoration Ecology at UNAM-Moralia (in Michoacan, Mexico)

Debbie Maurer (M.S. 2001) is the Restoration Ecologist for the Lake County Forest Preserve in Illinois.

Katy Wallace (nee Werner, M.S. 2001) consults on health and nature in Madison, WI

Becky Miller (M.S. 2001) works with USDA in northern California

Isa Woo (M.S. 2000) restores marshes as a Wetlands and Wildlife Biologist with the US Geological Survey, at the San Francisco Bay Estuary Field Station.

Cristina Bonilla-Warford (M.S. 2000) is the Coordinator of Teacher Resources at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago.


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