Nate Fayram


Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

Conservation Biology & Sustainable Development (M.S.)

Office: 312 Birge Hall

Phone: (608) 265-6208



430 Lincoln Drive

University of Wisconsin

Madison, WI 53706 - 1381






  Educational Background:  




B.S. Botany, UW-Madison, 2003

B.S. Biological Aspects of Conservation, UW-Madison, 2003



    Current Projects:  

Nate is investigating the long-term recovery trajectory of Wisconsin oak and pine barrens communities following timber harvest, prescribed fire, and other restoration techniques.  He is also studying the effects of Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pensylvanica) mats on barrens ground flora.  Establishment of long-term monitoring programs for globally rare barrens communities will inform restoration and management efforts, enable assessment of the efficacy of specific management techniques over time, and increase the likelihood of reaching barrens restoration goals.  This project will initiate a long-term monitoring program on barrens restoration and management within Gotham Jack Pine Barrens State Natural Area, Black River State Forest, and Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.


Nate grew up in Madison.  As an undergrad at UW he investigated carbon cycling within restored and remnant prairies at the UW Arboretum (Kucharik, C.J., N.J. Fayram, K.N. Cahill.*Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1710 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53726, USA,   2006.  A paired study of prairie carbon stocks, fluxes, and phenology: comparing the world's oldest prairie restoration with an adjacent remnant.  Global Change Biology 12 (1), 122 - 139).

Nate is currently a conservation biologist and crew leader for the WI DNR State Natural Areas program, where he has worked for over five years on land management and native plant community restoration.



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