Takeshi Yoshihara

I received a B.S. degree in life science from the International Christian University in 1998 and then a Ph.D. in biological science at Osaka City University in 2005. After spending three years as a post doctoral fellow in the Iino laboratory at the botanical garden in Osaka City University, I joined the Spalding laboratory.

My research interest is plant movement. My previous work was about circumnutation, phototropism and gravitropism in the rice coleoptile and root. I identified the LAZY1 locus which relates to both circumnutation and gravitropism by map-based cloning in rice and expanded my studies to include the Arabidopsis orthologs of LAZY1.

My main project is QTL analysis of maize root gravitropism. The unique point of this project is the incorporation of time course analysis. The tropic process is quantified as it develops with high resolution. Automatic image analysis and sophisticated post-processing analysis generate and deal with enormous amounts of data. We are expecting to find some important QTL that would be overlooked by ordinary end-point measurement. We have already found some interesting QTL. The automated image analysis and database structures have been developed by Dr. Nathan Miller and Nick Murphy. Initial QTL analysis has been done in collaboration with Mark Settles’s lab at the University of Florida.


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Spalding Lab

Takeshi Yoshihara

I am working primarily on the Phytomorph project and on a project related to ABC transporters and auxin.