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Notes on Searching:
  • The search is not case sensitive.
  • The contents of the search fields (genus, species, and common name) are combined with "and" so that the search results must match every field containing text.
  • The family, genus, and species fields are automatically "wildcarded" at the end of the search field; therefore, the query will select all names beginning with only the letters entered. 
  • The common name field is automatically "wildcarded" at the beginning and end of the search field; therefore, the query will match any name containing the string of letters entered. For example, typing "jelly" will match "jelly lichen," "jellyskin," and "jelly flakes". To avoid punctuation problems such as hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, etc., it is best to search on the simplest word. For example "lung" would match "lung lichen" and "lungwort".