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General Lichen Links


An Introduction to Lichens (New York Botanical Garden)

LichenLand- Lichens, Education, Taxonomy, Database (Oregon State University)

North American Lichen Checklist

Rare Lichens of Wisconsin

Systematics of Lichens

USGS Lichens in Parks

Website for the book Lichens of North America 


Lichen Herbaria Links


Arizona State University Lichen Herbarium Homepage

Michigan State University Lichen Herbarium (MSC)

Lichens at Minnesota (MIN Herbarium)

Smithsonian Lichen Research

Erik Acharius' Lichen Types (Swedish Museum of Natural History)


Lichens and Air Pollution


WI DNR Lichens for Air Pollution Monitoring

Forest Inventory and Analysis Program Lichen Communities Indicator

USDA- Forest Service PNW Lichens and Air Quality


Other Lichen Websites


Fire Effects Lichen Index

Recent Literature on Lichens

The World of Lichenology


Wisconsin State Herbarium(WIS) Projects
    Checklist of the Vascular Plants
         Plant Names
         Composition of the Wisconsin Flora
         Request for Revisions
     Family Mapping Project Report
     Atlas of the Wisconsin Prairie and Savanna Flora
      Rare Lichens of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Botany Links

University of Wisconsin
    Department of Botany
    Institute for Environmental Studies

State of Wisconsin
    Bureau of Endangered Resources
    Department of Natural Resources

    The Nature Conservancy
    The Prairie Enthusiasts
    Milwaukee Public Museum
    Wisconsin Plant of the Week
    Wisconsin Natural Resource magazine
    The Blue Mounds Project
    Botanical Club of Wisconsin
    Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin

Other Botany Links

Federal Government
Fish and Wildlife
    Midwest National Parks
    National Biological Information Infrastructure
    USDA Plants Database

State Links
    Gallery of Illinois Plants; Ill. Natural History Survey
    University of Iowa Herbarium
    Iowa Prairie Network
    Identifying Michigan Trees (includes many Wisconsin species)
    Montana Invaders
    Montana Natural Heritage
    New England
    New Jersery Pine Barrens

    Systematics Servers
    Botanical Word Meanings and Name Derivations
    NatureServe (search by location -Wisconsin and vascular plants)
    Missouri Botanical Garden
    The Nature Conservancy
    Biota of North America
    Keir's Botanical Photo Archive
    The Families of Flowering Plants (key and description of families)
    World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification (key of families)
    Den Virtuella Floran (In Swedish- search by taxon - pictures, global maps, etc)
    Guide to Economic Botany Links -(web resource for ethnobotany)


Vascular Plants

WISCOMP Database


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