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Welcome to the fully searchable web site of Wisconsin's lichens.
Here we include photos, substrate & photobiont information, distribution maps, herbarium specimen records from the WIS collection (currently macrolichens only) and more.

Currently  Available:
Photographs, distribution maps (614 taxa), and ca. 8,000 Wisconsin macrolichen specimen records from the WIS collection of ca. 136,000 lichens.
Note that specimen records for Cladonia are presently incomplete.

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Lobaria pulmonaria by M.T. Trest
Rare Lichens of Wisconsin Current Working List of Rare Lichens, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Other Links Historical information concerning proposed status of rare Wisconsin lichens based on the work of J.W. Thomson
J.W. Thomson's, J.W. Thomson's 2003 Lichens of Wisconsin
J.W. Thomson In Memory of Dr. John Thomson (1913-2009)
Wisconsin lichen checklist Jim Bennett's current checklist of Wisconsin lichens
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