Rachel in field

Rachel Todzydlowski

Ph.D. Student

UW-Department of Botany
430 Lincoln DriveĀ 
Madison, WI 53706


  • BS Biology. Summa cum laude. 3.966/4.000. University of Minnesota Duluth

    Minors: Chemistry, Art

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in studying: the various degrees to which a population can respond to a changing environment through dispersal, morphological and physiological changes via phenotypic plasticity, and evolution via natural selection; how the potential to adapt through each of these avenues varies across populations and species; and how these differences will dictate the ways in which disparate plant populations respond to climate change. The geographic scale and degree of local adaptation, coupled with patterns of gene flow among plant populations, are also of interest to me, and by extension, the debate on assisted migration.

Currently, I am applying a landscape genetics approach to identify landscape features driving spatial patterns of gene flow and population structure in Wisconsin plant communities. This approach will help us to predict how plant communities evolve and shift ranges in response to climate change.