Don's Courses

Fall 2013

Antropology / Botany / Zoology 410 Evolutionary Biology

Course Description

Evolution and natural selection underpin all biological phenomena and thus represent fundamental and synthetic ideas in our field. Although the basic concepts are simple and straightforward, evolution is marvelously subtle, far-ranging, and diverse in its effects. Evolutionary biology continues to grow in importance as it gains new tools and data, e.g., exposing horizontal gene transfer and unexpected relationships. In this course, we first review evidence for the history of life and its diversification. We then explore how natural selection works and other modes of evolution. We also discuss how we interpret the outcomes of evolution from phylogenies, genomes, and population genetic structure. Topics include patterns of macroevolution; mechanisms of microevolution; the nature of adaptation; units and levels of selection; how we measure natural selection; limits to selection; quantitative genetics; the evolution of behavior; human evolution; and applications of evolution to medical science.


Tropical & Midwest Agriculture & Conservation

In Fall / Winter 2012/13, I will co-teach "Tropical and Midwest Agriculture and Conservation" (Bot 575 - Plant Path 375/875). This course meets through the Fall before traveling to Guatemala to join a parallel course there for 13 days in January. Class space is limited and we want to include a balance of students from both CALS and L&S. To request consent to register, please complete the online application accessible here: For a general brochure, click the poster below.