Polypore Hunt, May 2007

The first annual Polypore Hunt took place on May 19-20, 2007. Amateur and professional mycologists searched for polypores, mushrooms, cup fungi, and other organisms at two sites in Harvard Forest. For more information, contact pboynton [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu.

Joyce Longcore before the Polypore Hunt.

The group prepares to embark
at the Harvard Pond site.

Views of beautiful Harvard Pond.

The group stayed at
Fisher House in Harvard Forest.

Bill Neill and Karen and George Davis
prepare for the second day.

Primrose Boynton and Joyce Longcore
in Prospect Hill site.

A peeper at the Prospect Hill site.

A wall showing historic land partitioning.

A crimson newt at the Prospect Hill site .

The entire group at the end of the trip.

all photos courtesy of Rabern Simmons