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Daniel A Levitis, PhD

    Associate Scientist, Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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    I study the evolution of patterns of longevity and mortality, focusing on aging, mortality early in life (including inviability) and post-reproductive lifespan. As with any evolved trait, figuring out how a demographic trait came to be requires understanding not only its current selective effects, but also its evolutionary history and how the biological mechanisms underlying it constrain how natural selection can change it.

    I take an integrative biology approach to these problems, combining comparative, experimental and theoretical approaches to better define, and answer my evolutionary questions.

    I prioritize mentoring student research, helping students to participate in the entire process from ideation to publication. My student co-authors initiate many of these projects, including recently submitted journal articles on starfish and ravens.



    Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from University of California at Berkeley, December 2009. Dissertation: "Post-fertile Survival: the Evolution of a Demographic Anomaly"

    B.A. in Biology from Bennington College, 1999


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