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Jacob Golan

    PhD Candidate, Departments of Botany & Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Contact jgolan[at]


    I am generally interested in how fungi move - from across landscapes to across continents. I approach questions on dispersal from a biophysical, genetic, genomic, and ecological perspective in order to better understand fungal biogeography and population dynamics. I am also interested in the intersection of microbial biology and intellectual property rights.

    Levitis D., J. Golan, A. Pringle, J. Taylor. 2017. A century later, resolving Joseph Grinnell’s "Striking Case of Adventitious Coloration". The Auk: Ornithological Advances.[download]

    Golan, J., A. Pringle. 2017. Long-distance dispersal of fungi. Microbiology Spectrum. [download] (Will also be bound for publication in: The Fungal Kingdom, ed. N.A.R. Gow and J. Heitman. ASM: Washington D.C.)

    Gryganskyi, A.P. , J. Golan et al. In prep. Genomics approach to the phylogeny of genus Rhizopus. G3: Genes | Genomes | Genetics.



    B.S. in Biology and Earth & Ocean Sciences from Duke University, 2014