Imaging Techniques in Plant Cell Biology, Botany 858

  • Instructors: Sarah Swanson, Marisa Otegui, and Simon Gilroy.
  • Meets for 8 sessions in April 2016.
  • Lecture topics: Fluorescence and fluorescence microscopy, confocal and two photon microscopy, imaging fluorescent protein tags and dyes for localization, complementary techniques for subcellular localization of proteins, ratio imaging with fluorescent probes and analysis of FRET, and processing images for publication.
  • Students will complete and present a research project using techniques discussed.



Upcoming Seminars

Researchers using the NIC often present seminars on campus. These are the most common venues:

  • ATG: Arabidopsis Training Group weekly seminar. Wednesdays at noon, Biotechnology Institute, Room 1360.
  • Genetics Colloquium. Wednesdays, 3:30 pm, 1111 Genetics Biotechnology Center.
  • LOCI seminar schedule.
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