User Fees

During the current 2015-2016 year, labs are binned into one of three usage categories listed below. The fees listed are contributions that would raise enough money to cover the service contract costs based on current usage patterns for the following year. If there are more users, the share each pays will be lower.

  1. Initial training and the first subsequent use: $0 (SEM and CLSM training counted separately)
  2. Minor User lab members visit 40 times or fewer: $100 per signup (one signup is 4hr max during weekdays, max 3 times a week; evening or weekend signups can be longer than 4hr)
  3. Major User lab members visit more than 40 times: $4000 per year (major users should expect to contribute this amount in late May 2016). Note that changes in the cost of service contracts can shift the Major User fee slightly in May, at which time a final bill for 2015 May 16 to 2016 May 15 will be sent to PI's.

New for 2015! We can now take payments for NIC use prior to the end of the fiscal year (June 2016). Please contact the NIC staff if you want to make an early payment.

For use of the NIC in conjuction with teaching a UW-Madison class, the professor or instructor should please contact the NIC staff for more information.


NIC Funding

The NIC was initially established in 2005 with funding from NSF, from a Major Research Infrastructure grant award. At that time additional funding came from the Botany, Biochemistry, Horticulture, and Genetics departments, along with the grauduate school and CALS.

NSF Logo

The concept of an imaging center for the Department of Botany was originated by Anthony B. Bleecker, Professor of Botany, 1989-2005. Around 2002, Tony Bleecker began to talk about the need for accessible modern imaging equipment for the plant biology community here, and that we should do something about it. You too can help us continue making his vision a reality. Donations to the NIC can be made via the Bleecker Memorial Fund at the UW Foundation (Designate 12164180/Bleecker Fund-Botany).