Olympus BX60 Epifluorescence Microscope

The NIC has a conventional epifluroescence microscope made by Olympus. It features three cubes (UV, blue and green excitation - see specifications below), two types of arc lamps (mercury or xenon), a sutter excitation filter wheel with shutter, and a digital camera (a color Olympus DP70). This microscope is useful for fluorescence imaging of larger samples (the lowest power objective is a 2.5x) and for screening for fluorescence. Excellent bright field or DIC digital images are also possible to capture using this equipment.

Epifluorescence Mircoscope


Filter Cubes, NIC Olympus Epifluorescence Microscope

Position "WU"
Olympus UV excitation
ex 330-385
bs 400
em 420 LP

Position "A"
41020 HQ NB GFP C-53502
Chroma Narrow-band GFP, for minimizing autofluorescence.
ex 480/20
bs 495
em 510/20

Position "WIG"
Olympus Rhodamine
ex 520-550
bs 565
em 580

Position "NIB"
Olympus FITC
ex 470-490
bs 505
em 515 LP


Two extra cubes not installed:
U-M 61002 403 "DAPI/FITC/TXSRED"
Fura2 (NOTE: NO EX FILTER! Use with filter wheel.) Chroma 71000A C71135

Olympus cube specifications.