National Geographic interviews alumnus Jeffery Morawetz


As an undergrad, Jeffrey Morawetz worked in Ken Sytsma's lab (with a published paper to boot!) and took the Botany/Zoology capstone course to Hawaii with Tom Givnish, "a field experience that was the highlight of his undergrad career and convinced him to get into systematic/evolutionary research", says Sytsma. Jeffrey is now a research scientist at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden studying parasitic plants. He was interviewed for the November 10th edition of the National Geographic Weekend Radio Show about his work in the DRC. From National Geographic:

While visiting one of the remotest sections of Democratic Republic of the Congo to study the parasitic tropical broomrape plants, Jeffery Morawetz  was asked to finish his work and leave the computer cafe early, because rebels had entered the town and were firing their guns. The botanist tells Boyd that he’s passionate about plants, but he also loves the stories he gets to bring home to his friends from the field. 

Listen to the interview here: