Lauren Moscoe

Lauren Moscoe

PhD student
Room 319 Birge Hall
(608) 262-2593

Before coming to Madison:

Williams College - 2003-2007

Peace Corps, Guatemala - 2007-2009

Research interests:

I am interested in agricultural biodiversity because it represents the intersection of environmental sustainability, cultural sovereignty, and human health, and its preservation offers promise for a dignified food security. My research applies questions about agricultural diversity to native tuber agro-ecosystems in the Central Andes. Specifically, I am investigating the spatial distribution and temporal patterns of diversity of the tuber oca (Oxalis tuberosa) in the department of Cusco, Peru. I am also looking at  sociocultural variables that may correlate with these patterns. Understanding the dynamics of oca diversity will contribute to its preservation and provide insight into related dynamics of other clonally-propagated crop systems.

I have been a teaching assistant for the following courses:

Botany 151 - Introductory Biology

Botany 100 - Survey of Botany

Botany 474 - Ethnobotany