Hotchkiss Lab

Spatial and Temporal Ecology

Our research group thinks about ecology on time scales longer than humans are usually able to observe directly. Frequently, we use the methods of paleoecology and paleoclimatology to explore temporal dynamics of climate, ecosystems, disturbance, and landscapes.


We study the effects of ecological legacies, we investigate the

interactions of human societies with the ecosystems we inhabit, and we consider the implications of site history for research design. We are integrating perspective on environmental history into ecology, evolution, and archeology, and we are investigating the response of ecosystems to climatic change, on various temporal and spatial scales.


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Hotchkiss Lab in the News!


- Fall 2016: Tom Thein joins the Hotchkiss lab!


- Summer 2016: Lisa Schomaker and Kevin Barrett continue their field research in Hawaii!


- Summer 2016: Soo Hyun Kim receives Evolving Earth Foundation student research grant and GWIS Nell Mondy and Eloise Gerry Fellowships!


- Summer 2016: Katie Laushman presents her jumping worm research at both NACCB and ESA conferences!


- Summer 2016: Lisa Schomaker presents at Hawaii Ecosystems Meeting in Hilo, HI!


- Summer 2016: Kristin and Zach Michels welcome Kyla Rose into their family!!!!


- November 2015: Graduate students Katie Laushman and Lisa Schomaker presented posters at the Riveredge Nature Center Student Research Symposium; Lisa won best student poster presentation!


- July 2015: Soo Hyun Kim receives Geological Society of America Harold T. Stearns fellowship!


- July 2015: Lisa Schomaker receives Graduate Women in Science Ruth Dickie scholarship!


- June 2015: Kristin Michels receives Ecological Society of America Student section travel award!


- June 2015: Rachel Brunner successfully defends master's thesis June 4th!


- May 2015: Lisa Schomaker receives UW-Botany Judith Croxdale summer fellowship!


- May 2015: Rachel Brunner receives UW-Botany Raper Conference travel award and Graduate Recruitment        Conference award!


- May 2015: Kevin Barrett, Lisa Schomaker, and Kristin Michels awarded UW-Botany Flora Aeterna research awards!


- May 2015: Kevin Barrett and Soo Hyun Kim receive LacCore visiting graduate student program award!


- May 2015: Kristin Michels received Palynological Society award!


- April 2015: Kristin Michels inducted into UW-Madison Teaching Academy and receives a Graduate Student Peer Mentor award!


- April 2015: Soo Hyun Kim received Geological Society of America's students in aid award!


- January 2015: Rachel Brunner and Kristin Michels highlighted in BioHouse expose!


- June 2014: WhyFiles honored as "best website for teaching and learning" by the American Association of School Librarians!


- July 2014: Kristin Michels receives Graduate Women in Science Ruth Dickie scholarship!


- May 2014: Kevin Barrett receives project assistantship appointment at the UW-Madison's WhyFiles!