Jun Yoshitani, P.E.

Bioenergy & Environment, Inc.

29W256 Oak Lane

West Chicago, IL 60185

Voice: 630.231.2072

Fax: 630.231.2074

Email: bioandenv@sbcglobal.net

Educational Background: BS (Civil Engineering) Tufts University 1967, MS (Environmental Engineering) University of Connecticut 1971, MBA (Stuart School of Business) Illinois Institute of Technology 1979.

Research Interests: Technological application of algae for large scale algal cultivation for production of algal biomass as feedstock for biofuel; treatment of industrial, municipal and agricultural wastewater; and for sequestration of carbon dioxide contained in fossil fuel combustion gas.

Industry Background:

Bioenergy & Environment, Inc. (January 1996 to present):

• Development of terrestrial and algal biomass renewable energy projects.

• Feasibility studies of regional anaerobic digesters facilities.

• Closure of municipal solid waste landfill.

• Remediation of petroleum oil contaminated sites.

Great Lakes Biodiesel LLC (2005 to 2006):

• Effort to start-up a 30 mgy biodiesel plant in northern Illinois. Start-up effort dissolved after failing to raise adequate financing.

SonoEnergy LLC (2002 to 2007):

• Commercial application of sonication technology in energy and environmental fields.

Dakota Beef Company, (2002 to 2004):

• Started-up organic beef processing company Dakota Beef Company (DBC).

Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. (August 1993–December 1995):

• Officer of company and managed M&E’s Central Division’s hazardous and solid waste businesses.

Camp Dresser and McKee, Inc. (June 1979–July 1993):

• Vice president and regional manager of CDM’s hazardous and solid waste business.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago - (April 1972- June 1979):

• Principal Process Engineer for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

Buck & Buck Consulting Engineers (1967–1972):

• Design engineer for a civil sanitary consulting firm located in Hartford, Connecticut.

Current Projects: Designing systems for using biological organisms to improve effluent quality and produce biofuels feedstocks.