Givnish Lab


Current Lab Members:

  1. Evan Eifler – Species diversity in the endangered renosterveld of the Cape Floristic Province of South Africa

  2. Steve Hunter – Phylogeny and historical biogeography of Cyanea and Clermontia (Campanulaceae)
 in the Hawaiian Islands

  3. Will Sparks – Paradoxical adaptations to water chemistry in carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae)

  4. Dr. Rebecca Kartzinel (Ph.D., University of Georgia) – Spatial genetic structure, genetic variation, and gene flow in species that have exploded or contracted over the past 50 years in Wisconsin

Recent Lab Members:

  1. Emily Sessa (Ph.D.) – Phylogenetics and physiological ecology of Dryopteris (Dryopteridaceae) – Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Florida

  2. Robert Wernerehl (Ph.D.) - Community and physiological ecology of prairie grasses – State Botanist of Massachusetts

  3. Stephanie Lyon (Ph.D.) – Phylogenetics and historical biogeography of Corybas (Orchidaceae)
 – Post-doc, Ohio State University

  4. Philip Gonsiska (Ph.D.) – Phylogenetics and Physiology of Catopsis (Bromeliaceae) – Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, CALS, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  5. Mercedes Ames (Post-doc) – Monocot phylogeny – Promega

  6. Rebecca Montgomery (Post-doc) – Ecology and evolution of photosynthetic light responses in Hawaiian lobeliads) – Associate Professor of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota

  7. Omar Lopez (Post-doc) – Leaf phenology and hydraulic conductivity as determinants of shade tolerance in trees of the southern Appalachians – Research Associate, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

  8. Ben Van Ee (Post-doc) – Phylogeny in North American lilies – Mercer Fellow, Harvard University / Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez

  9. Jonathan Coop (Ph.D.) – Determinants of subalpine treelines in the southern Rocky Mountains – Assistant Professor of Biology and Environment & Sustainability, Western State College of Colorado

  10. Austin Mast (Ph.D.) – Phylogeny and biogeography of Banksia and Dryandra in Australia – Associate Professor and Director of the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium, Florida State University

  11. Antonio Vazquez G. (Ph.D.) – Gradients in composition and structure of cloud forests in the Sierra de Manatlán – Director, Botanical Institute, University of Guadalajara

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Last updated: 27 November 2011