Current and past members of the Emshwiller lab

Link to graduate students in the Emshwiller lab.

Link to undergraduate researchers in the Emshwiller lab.

Below:  Graduate students in the Emshwiller lab, September 2012: Standing L-R: Andy Gardner, Jane Bradbury, Diana Peterson, Liz Georgian, Alex McAlvay, Renata Solan, Brian Walsh, with Lauren Moscoe in front.

Emshwiller Lab 2012  

Below: Emshwiller lab folks autumn 2010 (circling L to R):  Diana Peterson, E. Jane Bradbury, Brian Walsh, Eve Emshwiller, Andy Gardner, Lauren Moscoe, Elizabeth Georgian

Eve Emshwiller and graduate students, October 2010

Emshwiller lab folks summer 2009 (L to R): Eve Emshwiller, Jane Bradbury, Andy Gardner, Idrees Tariq, Brian Walsh, Katie Konchar.

Emshwiller lab people summer 2009

Brand new lab, new prof, new grad students, Fall 2006 (L to R):  Katie Konchar, Eve Emshwiller, Jane Bradbury, Andy Gardner.

New Lab Fall 2006 

Andy Gardner, Eve Emshwiller, Katie Konchar, Jane Bradbury.

Newly renovated lab with new prof and new grad students. 

freshly dug Oxalis tuberosa 

O. tuberosa

Oxalis subintegra

O. subintegra

Oxalis pachyrrhiza

O. pachyrrhiza

O. picchensis

Oxalis ortgiesii

O. ortgiesii

Oxalis nubigena

O. nubigena

Oxalis marcapatensis 

O. marcapatensis

wild, tuber-bearing Oxalis from San Pedro de Casta, Lima, Peru 

"LimaW/T" Wild, tuber-bearing Oxalis from San Pedro de Casta, Lima, Peru