Landscape Ecology

Community Ecology

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Population Ecology
aaa These faculty analyze the basis for ecological patterns in plant life history, adaptive morphology, and community structure.   Specific interests include biomechanics, physiological ecology, economic analyses of plant form, pollination biology, evolution and genetics of mating systems, plant-animal interactions, ordination and classification of communities, hierarchy theory, restoration ecology, and conservation biology.

Faculty in this section include: 
Timothy Allen 
Johanne Brunet (Affiliate)
Thomas Givnish 
Sara Hotchkiss
Donald Waller 
Joy Zedler
Paul Zedler (Affiliate) 

Other faculty or department affiliates with interests in ecology and evolutionary biology include:

Linda Graham 
Eve Emshwiller
Kenneth Sytsma

Collectively, the faculty have expertise in the natural history of phytoplankton, aquatic macrophytes, and vascular plants of prairies, temperate forests, savannas, tropical rain forests and cloud forests, and tropical alpine zones.  Field studies are conducted in temperate North America (especially the Sierra de Manantlan, Mexico), tropical Central and South America (especially the Guayana Shield), as well as Australia and various islands in the Pacific.

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