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Researchers in this section are interested in the biology of algae, fungi, lichens, and bryophytes, particularly the evolutionary origin and diversification of major lineages.   

Faculty in this section include:
Linda Graham 

Pondylosium The algae and bryophyte researchers are interested in the origin of the streptophyte clade (charophycean green algae and land plants), including the nature of the most closely related plastidless protists. We aim to track the first appearance of diverse plant-specific traits in streptophytes with the twin goals of better comprehending evolutionary process and untangling genetic and metabolic networks. We are also interested in modeling past and present global biogeochemical impacts of early-divergent land plants, inferring the identities of enigmatic ancient plant-like fossils, and characterizing algal- and bryophyte-microbial associations. The algae researchers also collaborate with engineers to develop algae-based systems for wastewater treatment and production of biofuel feedstocks.
aa British soldier lichen

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