A new textbook published byPrentice Hall (ISBN 0-13-660333-5)

  • For use as a primary text in graduate and undergraduate phycology courses
  • For adjunct use in courses on aquatic biology, plankton ecology, limnology, oceanography, marine biology, paleoclimatology, paleontology, microbiology, environmental engineering, water chemistry, and plant diversity
  • Also for use by professionals as an up-to-date, authoritative reference
  • Covers freshwater, marine, and terrestrial forms with two chapters on the ecology of phytoplankton, periphyton, and macroalgae (seaweeds)
  • Designed so that chapters can be read in any order
  • Contains nearly 1,000 high-quality illustrations, including many original photographs
  • Includes 10 boxed essays on important techniques (such as remote sensing and stable carbon isotopes) and interesting algal habitats (including sea ice, alpine snowfields, and coral reefs)
  • Presents tutorial problem sets (with answers) in the area of phytoplankton ecology
  • Includes an extensive glossary, a list of nearly 1800 literature references, and both taxonomic and subject indexes

  • Chapter 1-- Introduction to the Algae: Occurrence, Relationships, Nutrition, Definition, General Features
  • Chapter 2-- The Roles of Algae in Biogeochemistry
  • Chapter 3-- Algae in Biotic Associations
  • Chapter 4-- Technological Applications of Algae
  • Chapter 5-- Algal Diversity and Relationships: Taxonomy, Systematics, and Phylogeny
  • Chapter 6-- Cyanobacteria (Chloroxybacteria)
  • Chapter 7-- Endosymbiosis and the Origin of Eukaryotic Algae with a focus on Glaucophytes, Chlorarachniophytes, and Apicomplexans
  • Chapter 8-- Euglenoids
  • Chapter 9-- Cryptomonads
  • Chapter 10-- Haptophytes
  • Chapter 11-- Dinoflagellates
  • Chapter 12-- Ochrophytes I: Introduction to the Ochrophytes and a Focus on Diatoms
  • Chapter 13-- Ochrophytes II: Raphidophyceans, Chrysophyceans, Synurophyceans, and Eustigmatophyceans
  • Chapter 14-- Ochrophytes III: Pelagophyceans, Silicoflagellates, Pedinellids, and Related Forms
  • Chapter 15-- Ochrophytes IV: Chrysomeridaleans, Phaeothamniophyceans, Tribophyceans, and Phaeophyceans
  • Chapter 16-- Red Algae
  • Chapter 17-- Green Algae I: Introduction and Prasinophyceans
  • Chapter 18-- Green Algae II: Ulvophyceans
  • Chapter 19-- Green Algae III: Trebouxiophyceans
  • Chapter 20-- Green Algae IV: Chlorophyceans
  • Chapter 21-- Green Algae V: Charophyceans
  • Chapter 22-- Phytoplankton Ecology
  • Chapter 23-- Macroalgal and Periphyton Ecology

    The authors are members of the Department of Botany at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Linda E. Graham is a Professor and Lee W. Wilcox is an Honarary Fellow. James M. Graham, who contributed Chapter 22 on Phytoplankton Ecology, is an instructor and researcher in the Department of Botany.

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