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Linda E. Graham

Professor of Botany

Ph.D. (1975) University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Office: 211 Birge Hall

Evolutionary origin of land plants; biology of algae and bryophytes; aquatic molecular microbial ecology; bioremediation & biofuel feedstock applications of algae.





Current research:  
We are defining and comparing physiological traits of modern bryophytes and charophycean algae in order to:  
  • better understand these organisms? modern ecological roles.
  • infer the traits of earliest land plants.
  • interpret the ancient microfossil record.
  • model impacts on ancient global C- & N-cycling.
  • infer genetic, biochemical, structural, & reproductive transformations that occurred in the early history of land plants.
  • design habitat restoration strategies and technological applications.

As part of the UW-Madison NSF-sponsored North Temperate Lakes LTER Microbial Observatory, we use molecular methods to:  
  • characterize the structure and function of prokaryotic communities associated with freshwater algae.
  • evaluate newly-isolated protists, including taxa new to science, that illuminate early eukaryotic diversification and the evolutionary impacts of endosymbiosis.

In engineering collaborations, we are evaluating the use of particular algae as biofuels feedstocks & in environmental remediation.  

Algae, bryophytes, non-majors botany, majors biology (cell biology, genetics, evolution, & diversity).

Recent Publications:

Graham, L, J Graham & L Wilcox. 2009. Algae, 2e. Benjamin Cummings (Pearson), San Francisco, CA.

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Kim, E, Wilcox, L, Graham, L, & Graham, J. 2004. Genetically distinct populations of Peridinium limbatum in neighboring Northern Wisconsin lakes. Microbial Ecology 48:521-7.

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Graham, LE, Wilcox, LW, Cook, ME & Gensel, PG 2004 Resistant tissues of marchantioid liverworts resemble enigmatic Early Paleozoic microssils. PNAS 101:11025-9.


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