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Accession:  v0253344WIS     Institution:  University of Wisconsin-Madison
Taxon Code:  ASCLAN
Page per Specimen:  1 Kind Of Specimen:  photo  
Flower:  0        Fruit:  0        Sterile:  0

Pop. Area:  Almond Pop. Area Type:   
State:  Wisconsin County:  Portage Country:  USA

*more specific location information is undisclosed because of endangered/protected status.

Habitat:  The bluish bunch grass is some Festuca, which I assume is an alien. It dominates the entire cemetery and I suspect it was planted there. There are some native prairie plants in the cemetery: Andropogon gerardii, A. scoparius, Helianthus occidentalis, Euphorbia corollata, Physalis virginiana, Potentilla tridentata, Houstonia longifolia, Linum sulcatum, Eragrostis spectabilis, Asclepias syriaca, Artemisia ludoviciana, Antennaria 1-veined & 3-veined, Solidago missouriensis & Aster ericoides creeping in past the fences, Selaginella rupestris. It's very sandy here. Outside the cemetery on adjacent property margins and roadsides in the immediate vicinity are Asclepias verticillata, Amorpha canescens (now putting on a lovely floral show, a lot of it there), Stipa spartea, Heuchera richardsonii, Helianthus laetiflorus, and a few others. The area is swamped by Bromus inermis, Saponaria officinalis, Potentilla recta, CENTAUREA MACULOSA--major sand weeds all.
Text:  [From an email by Andrew H. Williams, dated July 20, 2008:] I found the cemetery and then found the milkweed. It had been mowed off but I located about 25 stems in a circle of 12 ft diameter. I tried to find other clones in the cemetery and in the edge habitats close by, and failed.

Collection No.: s.n.     Collector 1: Musolf, David
Date:      Collector 2:
  Collector 3:

Annotator: Williams, Andrew H.
Date: 28Jul2008

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