Bleecker Lab Home Page

Tony Bleecker passed away in January of 2005 so the lab is closed.

Here is where some of the most recent personnel from the Bleecker lab have gone...

Dr. Brad Binder- Has temporarily moved to the lab of Sara Patterson

Dr. Ronan O'Malley- Recently moved to the lab of Dr. Joseph Ecker at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Brian Walsh- technician in charge of high throughput genotyping now in the lab of Sara Patterson.

Dr. Wuyi Wang- at Ceres Inc.

Dr. Fernando Rodriguez-  at Invitrogen, Inc.

Dr. Shin-han Shiu- at Michigan State University.

Dr. Anne Hall- at the University of Minnesotta

Dr. Ning Dai- Recently obtained her Ph.D.

Carl-Erik Tornqvist- Graduate student working on the RLKs in the lab of Sara Patterson.