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Cecile Ane

Assistant Professor, Departments of Botany and of Statistics

University of Toulouse, France, 2000

Office: Birge 341

Molecular evolution, Statistical inference with phylogenetic sequence data, Computational biology

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My main research interest is the area of statistical inference in molecular evolution. I am interested in model selection, either based on an information theoretic approach, or on penalized likelihood approaches. One of my aim is to detect what group of genes share the same genealogy, and to draw inference on the distribution of genealogies across the genome. This area involves statistical issues of model selection, hierarchical modeling of species genealogies and gene genealogies, and it also involves computational challenges. Indeed, molecular data become available faster than appropriate methods of analysis.

I am also interested in developing and detecting good models of molecular evolution, such as the covarion model. Covarion drift and/or covarion shift is detected in an increasing number of analyzes, and it becomes more and more accepted that various DNA sites have evolved at various speed across their history. This variation in speed of evolution is called heterotachy, when different DNA sites choose to vary in different ways. There is a growing body of literature on the consistency of likelihood-based methods that ignore heterotachy, and a growing number of models and ways to estimate the amount of heterotachy.

More recently, I have been interested in using phylogenetic trees to analyze trait evolution, using the 'comparative methods'. In particular, I investigate the large sample properties of these methods.

Recent Publications

M.J. Sanderson, C. Ané, O. Eulenstein, D. Fernández-Baca, J. Kim, M.M. McMahon, R. Piaggio-Talice (2007). Fragmentation of large data sets in phylogenetic analyses. Chapter 7 (p. 199-216) in Reconstructing Evolution: New Mathematical and Computational Advances. Olivier Gascuel and Mike Steel, editors. Oxford University Press.

C. Ané, B. Larget, D.A. Baum, S.D. Smith, A. Rokas (2007). Bayesian estimation of concordance among gene trees. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24(2), 412-426. Abstract and Erratum.

B.C. O'Meara, C. Ané, M.J. Sanderson, P.C. Wainwright (2006). Testing for different rates of continuous trait evolution using likelihood. Evolution 60(5), 922-933. Abstract, full text.

Ané C., J.G. Burleigh, M.M. McMahon, M.J. Sanderson. Covarion structure in plastid genome evolution: A new statistical test. Molecular Biology and Evolution, in press. Supplemental data

Driskell A.C., C. Ané, J.G. Burleigh, M.M. McMahon, B.C. O'Meara, M.J. Sanderson. (2004). Prospects for building the tree of life from large sequence databases. Science, 306 (5699), 1172-1174.

Ané C.; and M.J. Sanderson. Missing the forest for the trees: phylogenetic compression and its implication for inferring complex evolutionary histories. Systematic Biology, in press. Supplemental data


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