I (Edgar) was invited to 'lecture' on a Saturday morning to 60 kids enrolled in Kids' Tech University run by Prof Paul Morris at Bowling Green State University. The topic of the lecture was How Do You Measure a Growing Plant. It was fun, interesting, uplifting, and crazy at times. Amazingly, 9-12 year-old kids can be led from a question about how mom and dad measure their growth into a discussion about how a computer can measure plant growth by counting green pixels in two or more digital images! The path was not direct. It required detours through questions like "What's the tallest plant?" (Redwood tree at 300 feet, I'm pretty sure)  "If mango is the king fruit, who is his queen?" (I'd have to say Queen Kiwi) and "If crossing two plants makes one that grows faster, why don't you cross three?" (Prof Morris will answer that one when you take his genetics class at BGSU). After an hour, I was tired but they weren't! I left with no doubt that they learned something. I like to think that some of them watched the corn seed I handed out become a seedling, and at least thought about measuring its growth!