2010-2011 Graduate Student Awards

Botany Department Awards


The Department of Botany announced that a total of 29 awards, with a total value of $111,049 were distributed and that 19 students received awards ranging in size from $250-$27,427.
Major fellowship recipients were:

ON and EK Allen Fellowship: Emily B. Sessa and Brent A. Berger
Flora Aeterna Fellowship: Benjamin R. Grady and Brian J. Sidoti
Botany Writing Fellowship: Elizabeth Jane Bradbury


External Awards

Bravo to Botany graduate students recognized for their outstanding work during the past year!

Students who received campus-wide recognition and awards include:

Advanced Opportunity Fellowship: Richard Hilleary College of Letters and Science Teaching Fellow: Elizabeth Jane Bradbury
Exceptional Service Award: Andrew Gardner
LACIS, Nave Summer Field Research Grant: Lauren Moscoe
Marie Christine Kohler Fellowship: Rafael Arevalo
Vilas Travel Grant: Bryan Drew, Andrew Gardner, Stephanie Lyon, Brian Sidoti


Recipients of fellowships, awards and grants from external sources include:


American Fern Society, Botany Graduate Student Travel Award: Emily Sessa
American Orchid Society, Research Grant: Stephanie Lyon
American Society of Plant Taxonomists (ASPT), Graduate Student Research Grant: Rafael Arevalo and Daniel Spalink
ASPT, Graduate Student Travel Award: Rafael Arevalo
Australian Orchid Foundation, Research Grant: Stephanie Lyon
Botanical Society of America (BSA), Best Student Poster in Economic Botany: Brian Walsh
BSA, Graduate Student Research Award: Stephanie Lyon and Daniel Spalink
BSA, Women in Science Travel Grant Award: Evelyn Williams
Ecological Society of America, Edward S. Deevey Award: Shelley Crausbay
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, Lawrence Memorial Award: Brian Sidoti
National Park Service, George Melendez Wright Climate Change Fellowship: Shelley Crausbay
National Sigma Delta Epsilon - Graduate Women in Science, Adele Lewis Grant Fellowship: Elizabeth Jane Bradbury
National Science Foundation (NSF), Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship: Elizabeth Georgian
NSF, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant: Stephanie Lyon and Emily Sessa
NSF, Graduate Research Fellowship Program Fellowship: Elizabeth Georgian and Alison Scott
NSF, MicroMORPH Training Grant: Emily Sessa
US Office of Personnel Management, Presidential Management Fellow: Michelle Haynes
Sacramento Orchid Society, Travel Research Grant: Rafael Arevalo
Torrey Botanical Society, Graduate Student Research Fellowship: Emily Sessa